Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jawapan Nazri terhadap Pemberian IC kepada Pendatang asing (Filipina) di Sabah

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"Nazri is not fit to be a minister as well as the representative of the Malaysian people... he is talking rotten chicken eggs.. I wish he can call a media conference here in KK .. or Penampang...he must ready a platoon of army to guard him..."

"He has no right to say that way... He is giving his stupid logic and not base on the constitution law. He gave his points by saying that due to immigrant have relative in Sabah and used to live in Sabah before, therefore they are legitimate to be given the citizenship of Malaysia. Where did he learn that citizenship can be given in such way? THAT"S F****NG BULLS**T! We are sovereign country... A Country that have their own Constitutional Law that is not meant to be broken but to be obey and respect. Relative is relative and it should remain that way... They are not Malaysian though they have relative in Sabah. Their national identity is Philippians and their relative is Malaysian which separated by border that has been recognised by international though the border is so close. If they wish to visit their relative, we have no problem, but do visit through the right way... Not by illegal way..."


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