Monday, January 9, 2012

You are stupid hypocrite and selfish!!

Idiots will always neglect their rights given to them by constitution. If you didn’t vote, stop complaining, just follow what the leaders say. Then, get the smack in your bloody ass, but don’t shout you got no rights!
By Suara Demokrasi
This message goes to whose who are not keen or don’t care about nation politics. Where, they prefer to give stupid reasons like “Politics is full of dirt" or “Not interested in knowing”. Those who like to complain about increment in the price of goods without knowing the exact conditions. Those that talk a lot or come to any blind conclusion after listening to one’s speech or letter or blog. I would like to address these kinds of people because they are the real culprit for the nation’s downfall (not only those politicians that you blame).

Stupid is different from weak. There are people who don’t know much but they have the willingness to learn. If you are one then you’re definitely not in the list. Political knowledge is essential in becoming a good citizen. “Politics are full of dirt and its annoying”. If you ever said that before then you think politics is all about fighting and blaming each other. Look into the nation politics, keep track on what are the leaders doing up there. Government is a billion dollar business. Some politicians up there are swindling in millions or the sum can come up to billions. Why? Because they know you are stupid, most of you don’t even know what is happening in the country.
What will happen tomorrow? Most of you might say, I’ll wake up in the morning, go to work then come back, later will have fun with friends and family and most probably have a good time with my partner in bed and then sleep. How many of you all know that there are possibilities for goods price or even oil to increase. Why? If corruption continues, the government need money, so they choose stupid people like you to give some. In this case, don’t put the full blame on the politicians only, it is also because of you and your stupidity.
You might say proudly “this is why I don’t like politics” so for those who telling that in your mind, realize that this is what we call stupidity and feel shame on yourself. STUPID!
Hypocrite, not only stupid. Why? If the price of goods increases, these people will pretend as if they know everything. They will be either blame the wrong side or swearing at politicians. Where was this involvement before? This means some of you have made a wrong choice before of your stupidity, SOME! Some will claim that they didn’t or never voted before with pride. Maybe these are known as “Bahlul”. Idiots will always neglect their rights given to them by constitution. If you didn’t vote, stop complaining, just follow what the leaders say. Then, get the smack in your bloody ass, but don’t shout you got no rights! It is rude, I know. At least after reading this, you people will understand the seriousness. Because of you idiots we are suffering!
Selfish, yes you are. I am not asking you all to involve in politics. Read about it. At least get a shadow image on what is happening? Who to vote? Or what decision or move need to be taken as a civilian? Will it take 24 hours to read online news? Honestly, I just spend 30-45 minutes per day to read news online. Will you? What No time? Are you too busy till you can’t watch television or hangout with friends or hanging on phone with bf/gf or watching porn? I also have a doubt whether, people are still reading this article or not, they might have gone for a tea break or a chat with their friend about movies or magazines. When time comes for polling, you idiots tend to follow people. Obviously, stupid people will do that. Make a wrong choice then complain, but you will never change. When situation become worse, you will migrate to other country. Why the foreign country that you migrate can serve you well? Because their people is not stupid like you. They are aware of the importance of politics and they know their rights very well. I wonder what will happen to that country of idiots like you keep on migrating there. Maybe we can see another Malaysia in the planet.

Stop coming to a blind conclusion. Act now as a good citizen, don’t involve in politics, by the way it is up to you. But know something about nation’s politics. Read more, don’t become a stupid, hypocrite and selfish person. When you understand the importance of politics, you will never find it boring as you say!


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