Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Sharing of mine towards the 16 September 2011

Hi everyone... It has been 2 weeks already I didn't update my blog... Sorry for that... Yeah, the same words keep repeating... Haha... For my latest entry, I would like to share some video which I think that as a Sabahan and Malaysian, you are compulsory to watch it... Know your Land's history will remind you about what do we need to struggle soon... Let us be strong and unite together to form a better future for our next generation to come... We might a little bit late to feel the new atmosphere but not to our future generation... If we did a mistake now, this will surely affect our future generation just how the previous leader has done to our life... Here I might be a little bit (more) PATRIOTIC to our Beloved LAND BELOW THE WIND... You can see this through my entry and the next... Bear in mind about the FORMATION of MALAYSIA... WE ARE NOT THE EXTENSION STATE OF MALAYA BUT RATHER A PARTNERSHIP IN FORMING THE MALAYSIA in 16 SEPTEMBER 1963... Together with our neighboring state, SARAWAK. As the history told us, Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak together forming Malaysia which makes the Malaysia today well known in the world (because of the messy politic created by the large group of selfish and annoying people )... But then in 1965, Malaya kick Singapore due to political concern and left Sabah & Sarawak alone... 

Susunan yang sepatutnya diamalkan di Sabah. Ingat, kita bukan Negeri dalam Malaysia,  kita adalah  RAKAN KONGSI dalam pembentukan Malaysia. Taraf Sabah dan Sarawak jauh lebih tinggi daripada negeri di Semenanjung. ITU KENYATAAN!
*** As you can see, the number of jalur suppose to be 14, but here is only 12 jalur. Why? Again, we are not the extension state of Malaya... !*** 

What happened today is we, Sabahan lived like a foreigner in our own land... Begging for more provision from the federal for development... Why must this happen??? Did you know about the 20 points? It all stated that Sabah will run their own administration in all aspect such as Religion, Language, Education,... (please click here to see the 20 points)

There are more that I wish to share in the 20 points but I suggest you take your time to read an entry from this blogger http://truelysabahan.blogspot.com/2011/09/bahasa-dan-bangsa.html.

Are we celebrating our Independence Day 16 September 2011??? For me, Yes and No. We celebrating the formation of Malaysia which we gain independence through the PARTNERSHIP but at the same time, we actually has been colonized by Malaya for 48 years! I don't have to say it.... Take a moment of your time and think about it... Those who do not like politic, you have no choice... It's your obligation to know and learn the politic... It happened everywhere... 

So here I am want to urge to every members of Sabahan Bloggers, to share and spread the news that we have work to do... That is... To change the current government which will protect us and return our Dignity as a Sabahan.

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