Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still not many people know that Sabah and Sarawak DID NOT join Malaysia

In 1963, four separate governments decided to join together as one nation. The already independent Malaya, Singapore, British North Borneo (now Sabah) and Sarawak. Of course we all know what happened to Singapore in 1965 and although Minister Mentor Lee was pretty much saddened, he decided to move on and today Singapore is many steps ahead of Malaysia. Anyway, let's focus back to Sabah. Today, Sabah and Sarawak is just treated as 'another' Malaysian state.

Lesson no. 1: Not many people know that Sabah and Sarawak DID NOT join Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak, together with Singapore and Malaya, are equal partners in the formation of Malaysia.
What? Does this mean that Sabah and Sarawak isn't just a state in Malaysia? That's correct. In fact, Sabah and Sarawak are equals to Malaya. THey are not equals to Selangor, Perak and definitely not Malacca. Many Sabahans and Sarawakians don't know this because the history books in Malaysia try to water-down the significance of this. Why not? The Feds i.e. UMNOputras need to control Sabah and Sarawak. They control the Education Ministry. Education falls under the Federal Govt. And thus, the Federal Government, through the Education Ministry wipes out the political and historical strength of Malaysian Borneo. Only recently when Malaysian Borneo delivered the backbone of Barisan Nasional parliamentary seats have they realized the need to take our views and opinions in regard.

So if I were to be sitting in Musa Aman's seat presumably with Sabahan support, then I would push for my position to be termed 'Prime Minister' instead of 'Chief Minister'. Okay I was kidding, but seriously, I would ensure Sabahan MPs fight for recognition of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysian history books instead of just trying to drum up pride on things like Ketuanan Melayu-related issues. Perhaps if pushed to the extreme by UMNOputras in the Parliament, I will also push for history books and all relevant textbooks to include the full 20 points agreement which was promised to Sabah. This includes the point that the constitutional clause stating Islam as the official religion in Malaya does not apply to Sabah. In short, Ketuanan Melayu DOES NOT EXIST IN SABAH.

Personally, I don't see it as a big problem in Sabah either since Malays are not the majority in Sabah. Yes, the Muslim Bumiputera population in Sabah is pretty huge but a lot of them are not Melayu. They are Bajaus, Suluks, etc etc. And if you really want to play up the ketuanan issue, then I think the Kadazan-Dusun-Muruts have the most rights to that. But of course Sabahans are all friendly and nice people. We don't really care about racial and religious problems. Orang kita orang Sabah is truly multi-racial so ketuanan doesn't really come up that much. It only happens in West Malaysia where UMNOputras just LOVE to play it up to ignite sentiments. Wave the keris, protesting pig farms although it was the UMNO-led govt which approved, you know those sort of things. Now UMNO has come into Sabah for about roughly more than a decade. Sabahans are worried. We are now subjected to the divide and rule policy as espoused by UMNO so that UMNOputeras can continue to suck our petroleum dry. And now our palm oil too (through FELDA)!

So moving on from fighting for the education of ALL MALAYSIANS on the 20 point agreement, I will also fight to ensure that ketuanan Melayu and other UMNO-related cancers does not creep into the State. To start that of, I will fight to strike off the 'Bangsa' section of ALL forms except for crucial ones such as those related to land.

Okay wait, I havent finished with the 'education' part. Secular and unbiased education shall be available to all Sabahans free up to secondary school if possible. Funds from Yayasan Sabah shall be used to buy milk and provide basic school equipment and stationery to all Sabahans just like in the good ol' days. Education will be my utmost worry for Sabah. Because it is with education that we equip future Sabahans to protect themselves from Malayan colonialism.

Our leaders have done enough to prostitute the State for the benefits of their pockets and have done nothing to improve the education system here. It is now time to fight for our rights. For that to occur, education shall be the key and this will require greater autonomy to be demanded for Sabah education. All Malayan propaganda shall be removed and history books shall include a significant amount of Sabah history. There shall be no bias towards any race or religion and students in Sabah will not be forced to learn in detail a certain civilisation only. Other major civilisations shall be included as well. Pendidikan Moral will be removed and replaced with a more practical civics (only recently did the Malaysian Education MInistry decided to do this). Sabahans will be taught proper manners e.g. not spitting everywhere, keeping toilets clean and dry, charity, basic good and bad. It is only with this kind of education can we produce Sabahan ladies and gentlemen who are respected. It is also with these kind of practical moral education can we start to even think of eradicating corruption.

Teachers are to be well-paid with benefits at the expense of tax-payers. If there are not enough competent teachers, the Government of Sabah under my watch will not hesitate to bring in foreign educators while at the same time establish a good and reliable Teachers' College to replace the ones we have in Sabah because those have been indoctrinated with Malayan propaganda. We will ensure that the stigma of relying on foreign help is removed because only with an open mind can we learn from other people. We must ignore all UMNO propaganda saying the West is evil and that if we seek help from them we are selling ourselves. The Japanese opened up to the West but did not sell themselves. They ended up stronger.

We will send all bright and young students overseas without discriminating them based on race and/or religion. Neither will they be sent overseas on scholarships just because their parents know someone up there. As long as they deserve it, and that they worked hard for it, then they will be on their way to higher education in good and reputable universities. Sabah's education system needs to be rebuilt from the very core. Hopefully with all these new and open education system, the level will improve to that of Singapore, Hong Kong and the likes.

Education is the key to a stronger Sabah in all aspects such as politically, economically etc etc.

In terms of infrastructure, I will spend a lot of money to provide the basics to all Sabahans. Basics meaning clean water, uninterrupted electricity, good roads, and efficient sewerage system. The rest I will leave it to the population of Sabah.

I can go on and on and on dreaming actually. But all these will need a will strong enough to move a nation. And actually all it requires is common sense.

Unfortunately, common sense comes short in this part of the world. Leaders are blinded with greed and corruption. Common sense will tell you that the ACA needs to be independent and not controlled by the PM. Common sense which is from a sincere love for the nation that is. However, our Tun Dr. M obviously doesn't care. All he cares about his power and how to multiply his wealth so he uses the ACA not to weed out corruption but to strengthen his position as PM. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Okay let's just focus on Sabah first.

For common sense to prevail over greed, Sabah will have it's own ACA which is independent and answerable to the people of Sabah. It will be something like the ICAC in Hong Kong and will have full powers to weed out corruption in the whole government system.

Lastly before I end this post, I would also say that as the Prime Minister or Chief Minister of Sabah, I will try to lobby for Sabahans such as the AG and Mr. Bocor to step down from their federal positions before they make Sabahans look like uneducated, corrupt and uncivilized barbarians. It is because we have all these people in the Federal Government representing Sabah, the Feds love to play us around because they think Sabahans are stupid like them.

And one final thing. Musa Aman was not chosen by Sabahans to lead Sabah. Musa Aman was chosen by Dr. M who sat quite comfortably in the PM's office at that time. One day, with all the education and political and economical strength, Sabah will finally be able to choose their own leaders again without interference from the Feds and the likes of Dr. M.

By Doris Jones

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